Adding movements

Having done my best to look through the sample sketch, and having made small amendments, I am still struggling to understand the concept of the frames. Not how they work, but how to add additional movements. I thought if I changed MAXFN from 8 to 12 (for example) I would be able to add 4 more lines of poses per movement. However, when I do that RAPIRO merely twists and turns when I turn it on. Is 8 an arbitrary value, or have i messed the point somewhere?
Many thanks

posted by robsnow68 on 2014-03-05 03:29


Sound good. However, there may be some problems.

If you add change MAXFN from 8 to 12, you have to add 4 more lines on motion array.

And, Arduino have limit of memory.

You may need to decrease MAXMN when you change MAXFN from 8 to 12.


posted by shota.ishiwatari on 2014-03-05 23:51

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