PSD Distance Sensor & Speakers

The PSD Distance Sensor is not easily available in the US is there similar models to this one?

Something from either , , , or

Could these work for speakers?

This looks like it could run the speakers


posted by on 2014-03-04 13:09

Oh, out of stock....

How is here?

> Could these work for speakers?

Seems good.

> This looks like it could run the speakers

I think so too.


I have never try those yet.


posted by shota.ishiwatari on 2014-03-06 00:06

So are they the same parts? GP2Y0A21YK0F and the one originally posted GP2Y0D21YK0F

Awesome thanks will have to get to ordering soon.

Does anyone know how many Raprio's have been built and sold to date?

posted by on 2014-03-06 23:12

The distance sensor can be found here:

There is a pigtail for it at the bottom.

Is the distance sensor to attach to the rapiro board or the raspberry pi?

Also i found these to use with the speakers:

I've gotten TTS working, but am having power issues with wifi dongles.

posted by evilbluechicken on 2014-03-07 11:10

The sample schematic shows JP1 for sensor and another for I2C but I think on the PCB it's listed as a different number above the I2C.

What wifi do you have. The cheap one's on the bay or anyone that sales Raspberry Pi's have compatible.

I have gotten quite a few from this seller

EDUP with the same form factor work just as well. If you want one that can act as an access point search forums they would do well with Rapiro running it's own web server.

posted by on 2014-03-07 11:55

The one I linked to on the bay should have the RT5370 chipset and the instructions below show it compatible to make it a hotspot.

posted by on 2014-03-07 11:57

I already tried to connect a distance sensor to rapiro. When I finished soldering the I²C and JP1 connectors to the controller board, I recognized that the A6 and A7 pins of ATmega328, that are proposed to connect a sensor, do not provide digital IO capabilities. Meaning you only have 2 analog inputs on the sensor connector. So I had to use the I²C port (A4 and A5) to connect my distance sensor. (I used the HC-SR 04 and fixed it between the 'eyes' using a rubber band.)

posted by SiggieBooh on 2014-03-07 21:06

I'm using this wifi adapter:

The pi randomly reboots after a few minutes of use or high traffic conditions. Seems to be power related. I am using a 12V5A power supply but have ordered a 10A one and will see if that makes a difference.

posted by evilbluechicken on 2014-03-08 11:21

SiggieBooh - how many connectors does the sensor you used have? The one suggested (that i linked above, which actually has a mount build into the mold, just inside the chest area) only has 3.

posted by evilbluechicken on 2014-03-08 11:25

The HC-SR04 has 4 pins: VCC, Ground, Trigger and Echo. It is much bigger than the Sharp sensors, so it does not fit into the desired place. To perform a measurement you give a 10microseconds high pulse on the trigger pind and then measure the duration of the echo pulse. For such a sensor I need digital IO logic at the microcontroller pins. Unfortunately I damaged my sensor, so I'm currently waiting for a shipment from Hongkong. I will report about experience with it.

posted by SiggieBooh on 2014-03-10 02:37

The Wolfson Audio Card, produced in collaboration with Wolfson, the premier mixed-signal semiconductor and audio solutions company, offers Raspberry Pi® users similar flexibility to a PC soundcard to capture audio alongside their camera, and experiment with stereo digital capture and playback.

I want to hack one of these onto Rapiro hope it's an easy patch

posted by on 2014-03-10 17:23

Hi, I am using this amplifier
and these speakers

It works nicely.

posted by luzhuomi on 2014-07-19 22:08

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