Twitching issue (caused by your batteries)

Usually, Alkaline batteries do not have enough power to run all 12 servos. Please use Ni-MH batteries, for example eneloop and Energizer Recharge.
IMPORTANT: Please use fully charged five Ni-MH batteries. If the charging of batteries is incomplete, servos does not work correctly with noise.
(一般的なアルカリ電池ではRAPIROの12個のサーボモータを動かすために電流供給力が充分ではありません。eneloopやEnergizer Rechaegeといったブランドのニッケル水素(Ni-MH)電池を5本をお使いください。 【重要】5本のニッケル水素電池を完全に充電した状態でお使いください。中途半端な充電状態の電池だとサーボモータがノイズとともに誤作動する場合があります。)

posted by ProjectRapiro on 2014-02-18 02:53

Hi. I have tried to work with normal AA batteries and it was impossible to make RAPIRO run. I am using a computer energy adapter that give me 12V and 10A and works fine and fast. I recommend you this option to work with your RAPIRO.

posted by RoboticParrot on 2014-02-22 05:34

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