JavaScript controlled Rapiro

Dear Rapiro Fans,

I have written JavaScript (Node.js) codes that can control a Rapiro from Raspberry Pi 3 B which is built in the Rapiro. These codes make it possible to control Rapiro via Web browsers (PC, phone, tablet, etc.), and to make your Rapiro be an IoT device.

I have posted all codes on GitHub.

And I posted all procedures on Qiita (Sorry, only in Japanese). Please check below if interested.

Part 1: Servos and LEDs control test ( )
Part 2: Posing via browser ( )
Part 3: Implementation of 10 basic actions ( )
Part 4: Adding proximity sensor ( )
Part 5: Adding I2C touch sensor ( )
Part 6: TextToSpeech and Weather Forecast ( )
Part 7: Controlling consumer electronics ( )

by mkoku

posted by mkoku on 2017-01-16 17:33

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