difficulty moving forward

My rapiro has difficulty moving forward. It lifts its feet but seems to stay mostly on spot when executing command #M1, #M2, #M3 and #M4.
I thought that perhaps it has to do with initial angle adjustments and played around with those. currently #M1 results in a very slow left turn instead of a walk forward. I have mainly tried adjusting right foot pitch and yaw, and left foot pitch and yaw with various sets of values.
Any ideas on how I could fix this? My initial angles look like this currently:

int trim[MAXSN] = { -20, // Head yaw
-15, // Waist yaw
-15, // R Sholder roll
-15, // R Sholder pitch
15, // R Hand grip
0, // L Sholder roll
-5, // L Sholder pitch
-20, // L Hand grip
0, // R Foot yaw
0, // R Foot pitch
0, // L Foot yaw
5}; // L Foot pitch

thank you.

posted by phoenixln on 2016-08-28 15:19

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