AC power supply to use as external power source for RasPi 3


I live in Japan, and have a RAPIRO set up with a Raspberry Pi (1st) Model B+ and have got it to work.
I upgraded the RasPi to the latest RasPi 3 but RAPIRO doesn't work properly, probably because of lack of power current.
Having read some posts (e.g. ) , I haven't yet found any information on which AC power supply to use for RasPi 3 in a RAPIRO.

I have two questions:

Is there a sufficient power supply for Raspberry Pi 3 which works and supplies more than 1.5A (in case we have USB peripherals or something) by itself?

I'm concerned about the restriction of power transmission due to the spec of USB cable, which they say limits the current up to 1.5A for a micro-B USB cable.
Though this may be off-topic in this forum and should perhaps be asked elsewhere, I think it is best to ask you RAPIRO owners who have done efforts to have your RAPIRO's brain brushed up.

Has anyone run RasPi3-equipped RAPIRO with only the AC adapter for the robot? If so, what kind of AC adapter do you use? This is a Just-for-our-information question.

Any other kind of information is welcome such as the specification of power transmission inside RAPIRO and its Arduino-compatible board. Thank you.

I know RAPIRO has a low-drop regulator inside to transmit power to RasPi. But according to the post below (in Ishiwatari-san's response), the maximum allowable current of the regulator is 1.5A, which may not be sufficient for a heavily-equipped RasPi 3 to work on.

posted by tuuyaa on 2016-06-10 13:01

I decided to use an additional USB power supply exclusively for RasPi 3.

According to the presentation slides shared in the post below, RasPi 3 seems to need power supply current even more than 2.0A when under high load. That means that RAPIRO's low-drop regulator circuit unfortunately does not convey enough power current for RasPi 3.

In the same slides presented are several high-current USB power supplies and microUSB cables whose power loss is low, FYI.

posted by tuuyaa on 2016-06-23 16:54

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