LEDs work, servos wont run.

So. I may have fried my board? I'm not sure.

I switched from using batteries to a 12V 5A AC/DC power adapter.
After this none of the servos will move. I checked each servo individually with a different arduino board, and they respond fine. I've also now tried hooking up 2 18650 batteries. no results.

The LED board works fine. I get response from the board, running serial monitor. Power LED is on. I'm able to run new programs on it. It also sends enough power to the raspberry pi, no problem,
Just no servo response.

I also attached the servos, one at a time, to another arduino board running a simple servo control script. no problems. So I am really at a loss as to what went wrong.

Am I SOL and just need to buy a new board?

posted by mgudesblatart on 2016-01-24 03:45

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