Head shaking/Walking

I've got my Rapiro built, and he seems lined up and responds to the commands ok (using the default script), however if the command involves moving the head at all it shakes a lot. (Like waving his arms)

I removed the faceplate and just had the backplate on and there was no shaking. Tightened all the screws, does anyone know why his head shakes so much? I can upload a video if you want to see it.

He also veers off to the left when walking. Is that normal?

posted by iamnotwhoyouthink on 2015-02-06 21:34

>He also veers off to the left when walking. Is that normal?
I do experience this and I think as the walking mechanism is very simple, it is normal. Perhaps you can reduce this by add/adjust friction of its feet. (mine is wearing a pair of small socks)

For the head shake, perhaps power? but it is strange if it works normal without the head attached...

posted by llacarte on 2015-02-20 14:29

Ah, friction makes sense, he's currently walking on a shiny wood surface. I shall try on carpet.

I think I solved the head shaking, adjusting the yaw and tightening the screws has stopped it.I also use the recommended power supply now.

posted by iamnotwhoyouthink on 2015-03-01 22:02

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