Wonder about power supply

According to this link http://www.rapiro.com/power-supply/
There are two power supplies for Rapiro: Battery and AC adapter.
1. Can Battery be charged by AC adapter? Will I need to buy a charger for baterry?
2. Can Rapiro work with only one power supply ( AC or Battery)? If so can Rapiro and Raspberry Pi work with only battery? ( any recommends)
3. Is there any official document to answer questions above?
I think it's very critical so hope to received a clearly answer? thank you.

posted by thanhnhan1807 on 2015-01-08 12:24


1. Rapiro does not have battery charge function. Please prepare the battery charger.
2. Rapiro and Raspberry Pi can work either batteries or AC adapter.

posted by ShinichiOhki on 2015-01-08 14:54


The kit includes no AC adapter or battery/charger, so you must find some by your self.
The robot will use either AC or battery, not both. You can change this by a switch.
There are already a lot of information on this BBS, the wiki and the facebook page, so please invest several minutes to at least check the titles of the threads.

I'm using a 12V5A AC-DC adapter, for battery I'm using 2 of 18670 batteries (would power mine for about 3 to 4 hours without a lot movements) with an appropriate charger. Also, using 18670 batteries would require modification to the battery box, which is not very complicated.

posted by llacarte on 2015-01-13 10:08

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