Reading Servo Position


How would I go about writing a sketch that would allow me to A. Read the servo position of every servo after manual movement, and B. Save it in an array that the original Arduino Sketch uses. (I would think this would be done in the Serial Command, first reading the motor positions, then subtracting the values from the trim[adjustments], and then printing the values in an array into the Serial Command)Then from there, I would like to save each Array as one of the frames, so that I can more easily compile together animations for my Rapiro.
Is there a way to do this solely with Arduino?
Do the Servo Motors know which angle they are placed in? (I would assume they do, considering that they have to be fine tuned after assembly)

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Again, I am trying to do this solely in Arduino IDE.


posted by mgudesblat on 2014-12-11 14:20

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