Initial alignment - help required!

1) I connected the fully charged 5 Sanyo batteries.
2) Connected the RAPIRO via USB to micro USB cable to Laptop.
3) Installed Port drivers.
4) Downloaded initial Sample Sketch.
5) Uploaded the same, tried different values in the of the angle to the array of int trim[MAXSN]
6) When I switch on the Rapiro swith -
it starts turning the RAPIRO head from LEFT to RIGHT direction.
7) May I know why it is happening so?
8) Is there any defect in the Servo?
9) I am not able to align the Servo to the Initial Position.

Request to forum users - Kindly let me - know if how to resolve the above issue?


posted by sp760712 on 2014-04-27 14:36

I had the same problem before. It turned out to be the problem of batteries.

Do your 5 Sanyo batteries rechargable, Ni-MH batteries? Normal batteries make the RAPIRO head turning LEFT to RIGHT and its feet too

posted by hanzhao on 2014-04-28 02:34

Thanks for feedback. I used the 5 eneloop recharge batteries. Now, I have recharged it again!
Today, I will check again and update.

posted by sp76071254e451679ace4e6f on 2014-05-23 17:52

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