How do you connect "COM-09151 Speaker - 0.5W 8Ohm" to raspberry pi?

Hi, I'm trying to connect the speaker ( to raspberry pi. But I'm confused where to insert it to.

My reaspberry pi is modal b. Here are 2 photos for the speaker:

posted by hanzhao on 2014-04-27 07:01

As long as I know there is no how-to article. And I didn't do it.
But I heard that one of the example is
Raspberry Pi phone jack -> Amplifier -> Speakers

posted by on 2014-04-27 10:40

Hi, I found an official photo here:

Do you know who put this photo there? They may know how to mount the speaker to RPi.

posted by hanzhao on 2014-04-27 11:53

Rapiro is designed to accommodate speakers. But no dedicated connectors for speakers on its board. This means you need to find how to make sound by yourself. I think the most easiest way is use Raspberry Pi audio with amplifier.

posted by on 2014-04-30 18:33

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