How to add motion to Rapiro ?

Sample Arduino Code was explain the basic motion #M0-M9 .
I want to more motion to Rapiro but , I don't know how to change
the parameter MAXMN .
I want make #M10 MOTION #M11 #M12 .
So Could someone teach me How to add the motion and How to change
parameters like MAXMN or MAXFN ect.......

posted by sadatoshi.hanazato on 2014-03-21 15:51

Please have a look at this thread:
Following the conversation there you will find this link:
In the Arduino sketch rapiro_stopservo_01.ino I have tried to add additional motions. There are only small modifications to the original sketch necessary. At the moment there are 11 motions in this sketch. #M00...#M11. But it should be easy to add more motions there. Just increase MAXMN and add your desired motion matrices. But be aware of the limited memory of the Rapiro board. I don't know how many motions in total are possible.
You also might find this link interesting:

Good luck! It's not that difficult.

posted by stefba_b on 2014-03-21 16:26

I wanted to add more motions to the Arduino sketch, so I took the rapiro_stopservo_01.ino firmware and changed #define MAXMN 11 to #define MAXMN 13
I extended the uint8_t motion array with two more blocks consisting of 8 frames like the existing ones.
When I upload this my Rapiro starts to cramp and doesn't react to any command typed in the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.
With the original version everything works fine and I can control the Rapiro via serial monitor.
Is there anything else to change in the code?

posted by lars.konusch on 2014-12-03 22:23

it seems you can only have 10 motions because of the limited memory of arduino board. (it is confirmed here, in japanese: So, if you want to have more movement programmed you need to put the movement definition part to flash memory. Here is a good example by Oga-san (

good luck!

posted by llacarte on 2014-12-04 13:36

Thank you so much. Now it is working without any problems. That example helped a lot.

posted by lars.konusch on 2014-12-09 00:49

I'm trying to compiling the code in Arduino IDE , it always complain two thing, how do you fix that ?
1. avr/pgspace.h: No such file or directory
2. afer I change to "avr/pgmspace.h", I pass the first fail notice but got another about :
prog_uint8_t' does not name a type

posted by tommywu052 on 2015-12-10 21:05

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