Buzzing servos


Yay, I just assembled my Rapiro! Powering it on left me a little confused, since some servos (feet/waist) make buzzing sounds, though there's no evident servo movement. When just powering the naked servos without any parts attached to them, there's no such buzzing sound. Should I reassemble the respective parts with more care or do I just have to live with that sound, since its common for (digital) servo motors?

I did not upload any Arduino sketch yet - could that prevent this buzzing sound?

BTW: I use fully charged "energizer recharge universal" 1400mAh/1.2V.


posted by nih on 2014-03-20 16:54

I am not sure though.
To stop the noise, maybe you need to "upload" a program. You can see how on this page.

Now the sample sketch is moved here.

Around line 20 in the sketch, there is several parameters for angle adjustment.
0, // Waist yaw
0, // R Sholder roll
0, // R Sholder pitch
0, // R Hand grip
0, // L Sholder roll
0, // L Sholder pitch
0, // L Hand grip
0, // R Foot yaw
0, // R Foot pitch
0, // L Foot yaw
0}; // L Foot pitch

You need to change these parameters for your Rapiro to have correct angle.

posted by on 2014-03-21 14:08

I have exactly the same problem. Plus a defect large servo that are to be replaced.
Did you manage to solve the buzzing frets/waist sound with fine tuning the feet servos ?
I managed to get it a bit better( less buzzing) by adjusting the feets but I can't seem to completely get rid of the buzzing...

posted by MontyOnTheRun on 2014-03-28 07:15

Yes, after fine tuning most of the buzzing disappeared. Depending on prior movement patterns the buzzing reoccurs but vanishes after some seconds.

I think the best workaround will be an extension to the rapiro.ino to disable the servos[1] after the designated position is reached (thus no more motion is required). This prevents any noise and should save some energy.

[1] digitalWrite(POWER, LOW);

posted by nih on 2014-03-28 21:58

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