Camera crashes network when powered from control board.

I have tried several times to get the camera to work with the Rapiro head on and the RPi powered from the control board.
Still or video commands cause the ethernet or wifi connection to disconnect immediately
All is well when powered from the USB plug.
I have tried powered hub, ethernet only and wifi only.
All display the same effect when powered via the GPIO pins.

posted by brad98408 on 2014-03-16 10:43

Turns out my problem was the 12V power supply I am using.
When I run on batteries it works fine.
Although the PS came with several different size plugs I think maybe none of the are the correct size.
I will do further research.

posted by brad98408 on 2014-03-16 11:33

I bought another power supply (12V 5A) with 5.5 / 2.1 mm plug.\
Same problem. Anyone got a power supply that doesn't drop WIFI/Ethernet connection when turning on camera?

posted by brad98408 on 2014-03-23 09:32

Have you tested your power supplies with a VOM? Do you use a USB hub?

I have purchased inexpensive power supplies in the past that were incorreclty labled. I've heard that some inexpensive wall warts also don't give very clean DC power. (I.e. spikes and brownouts.) I would think that if the plug size is incorrect, then you would get no power at all since a proper contact would not be made. Furthermore, I find that my wifi dongle drops easily when it is connected to my RAPIRO using a USB hub and the batteries are even just a little bit low. (I have only used eneloop batteries with my RAPIRO so far.)

My understanding is that the Ethernet port on the Model B Raspberry Pi is very power hungry. So if there's a dip in the power source, I can understand that this would be one of the first functions to stop working too.

One last thing: I found that the digitalWrite(POWER, HIGH) call that enables the servos all at once draws a lot of power very quickly and will create a brownout on the Raspberry Pi, which will reset my wifi dongle sometimes. This is especially true if it is connected using a USB hub. This happens in the setup of the provided sketch. I added a #V0 and #V1 serial command to power the servos off and on. Sometimes after a power on I need to wait 30 seconds for my wifi dongle to recycle before I can ssh back into the Raspberry Pi.

posted by pmvarsa on 2014-04-01 10:53

I have not been able to keep stable connections with the wifi and ethernet connected simultaneously so I think you are right about the ethernet port. Also with the LEDs connected I drop connection sometimes at power on so that makes sense to. I not sure I understand what you mean by a #v0 and #V1 serial command to power the servos off and on.

I hope the Rapiro folks will modify their DC to DC converter so that it supplies enough clean power to prevent disconnects. It is very frustrating. I gave up trying to use the camera because I just couldn't stay connected.

posted by brad98408 on 2014-04-07 07:02

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